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What Is Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?

Have you noticed blemishes around your fingernails or toenails, like a rough appearance or a whitish or yellowish blotching pattern? It could be an indication of a nail fungal infection. Our highly qualified Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness team is readily available to identify and address nail fungus and remove itchiness.

Our team is enthused to offer technologically advanced laser nail fungus treatments with the Harmony® XL PRO device. With most cases of nail fungus, professional care is recommended since this illness can be tough to treat with only topical ointments. If you're experiencing indications of a nail fungal illness, we invite you to reach out to our team in Concord, NH to book an appointment.


What Makes Fungus Develop Under The Nails?

Fungus-like organisms, or fungi, are the basis of nail fungal diseases. When fungi can find a home below your fingernail or toenail, they multiply and spread quickly. Other causes of nail fungus infections consist of getting splits in the nail or wounds in the skin bound by your nail.

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How many sessions are recommended for laser nail fungus therapy?

Even though significant results might be experienced following just one procedure, most patients should require 3 – 4 treatments before we can be sure the fungus has been totally expunged. These follow-up sessions will be placed on the calendar a few weeks away from each other to ensure the best possible outcome.

Does my insurance include laser nail treatment?


Given that this procedure is deemed an aesthetic treatment, your insurance will likely not pay for it. Despite this, laser-based nail fungus treatment is promising for ridding your nails of unyielding fungus. Contact Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Concord, NH today if you wish to have this procedure, and our team will communicate details regarding monetary alternatives to help you address any hurdle to your well-being.

What might happen if nail fungal infections are not adequately cared for?


A nail fungal disorder's continuous advancement will typically bring problems using your hands or feet, working out, and possibly performing routine tasks, such as typing. Also, your nails will become even more frail as time goes on. Consequently, fixing the nails by receiving laser nail fungus procedures at the first sign of concern is important.

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