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What is DYSPORT®?

Dysport is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that reduces dynamic wrinkles and lines throughout your face, including frown lines between the brows. Like other types of wrinkle relaxer injectables, Dysport uses a purified type of botulinum toxin type A to temporarily soften or block signals to specific muscle groups in the facial area. When these muscles are relaxed, the repeated contractions that create dynamic wrinkles will be halted, and the skin over the muscle is tightened. This enables you to frown, smile, and make as many facial expressions as you want without leading to dynamic lines. It also creates natural-looking results that don't make you look "overdone." At Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics, we are happy to provide Dysport injectable treatments to help Manchester, NH area patients appear rejuvenated and glowing.

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What Is Our Injection Technique?

Dysport® treatments are carried out in a private treatment room after your consultation with physician assistant Sarah Leslie, lasting no more than a few minutes. A numbing cream is generally unnecessary because Dysport® is administered with a fine-gauge needle that leads to minimal pain, but it may be given upon request. Once the skin has been sanitized, several injections will be administered along the forehead area, followed by a cold compress to diminish bruising and swelling. Following your injections at Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics, you may perform your everyday tasks, but you should try to avoid strenuous exercise for at least a day.


Relax & Refresh Your Look

If you would prefer a noninvasive procedure to refresh your skin by treating dynamic wrinkles, Dysport® injectable wrinkle relaxer is an ideal choice. You can discuss Dysport® injections and other procedures at your meeting with Sarah to create a custom treatment plan that fits your specific cosmetic goals. We'd like to invite you to contact Luxe Nova Medical Aesthetics in Manchester, NH to find out more information and set up a consultation.

Ready to get started?

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